Super 8 Field Guide Digital PDF


In a fast-paced world and culture, it can be challenging to understand the tangible beauty that comes with Super 8 Film.

When the world is used to endlessly snapping photos and uploading them to photo storage in the cloud, it can seem absurd to invest in a super 8 camera. Many questions arise, like whether to purchase new or used? You also need to consider the cost of film and the uncertainty that comes when filming in analog. Where to develop the film, and what format to get the film digitized? I mean, what the heck does telecine mean anyway? This book aims to serve as a field manual and guide in your artistic methodology.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Shoot Super 8 Film
  • What are the Limitations of Super 8 Film
  • Getting Started with Super 8 Film
  • Filming
  • Traveling with Your Camera and Film